Test Your Knowledge


Test Your Knowledge

Test Your Knowledge

Whether a student attends a public, charter or private school, the road always ends at the same destination: exams.
Finding a wonderful tutor is one crucial element involved in gaining the optimal advantage around exam time; and even that won’t be enough if students aren’t prepared to put in all the necessary study time.

But just as athletes run game drills, fighters spar and performers rehearse their shows, students can also run “game-day simulations” for their exams: by testing themselves.

Research has shown that memory tests – testing our retention of knowledge through knowledge retrieval – not only offer the best assessment of what we know, but also enhance retention skills in the future. This phenomenon is known as the Testing Effect.

Flash cards are the most well-known strategy for testing knowledge. Speaking out loud and talking through what we know is another excellent way to test retention.

Drawing diagrams and getting creative in visually arranging the information can also generate good results.

Don’t wait for test day- test your knowledge every chance you get!


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