Bahar Moheban

Meet Bahar Moheban

Bahar Moheban was raised in Los Angeles, California where she attended the University of California, earning her Bachelor of Science in Psychobiology and is currently pursuing a career in psychotherapy.

Bahar has been a private tutor for twelve years, coaching a variety of subjects ranging from math and chemistry to English Composition and Spanish language. She is also trained in ISEE test preparation.

Bahar’s favorite aspect of tutoring is watching her students evolve as they (and she) learn new approaches to problem-solving. She believes that learning stems not from memorizing the subject matter but from cultivating a clear and calm mind, developing organizational skills and building time management and a connection to the material. She knows that each student has his or her own learning style and strives to model each session to meet their individual strengths. When not tutoring, Bahar enjoys playing the piano, singing and writing.

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