Crystal Lee Kim Girard Hayden Leealc Nick Soper
Crystal Lee, LA Concierge Psychologist Kim Girard, Education Therapy in southern California Academic Life Coach for teens and young adults Founder of Creative College Prep, Nick Soper
Caitlin Welsh Meirav Haber Bailey Jim Hahn Jess Berger
Jan Esterkin РAssociation of Educational Therapists Meirav Haber Bailey, Registered Art Therapist Jim Hahn, Aret̩ Preparatory Academy Teen Life Coach Jess Berger
Keren Geier Karin Goldberg Jessica Pashkow Sandy Eiges
Keren Geier, Licensed Clinical Social Worker Karin Goldberg, Right Fit College Decision Jessica Pashkow Sandy Eiges, LA School Scout
Linda Guzman Elizabeth Lutsky Mary O'Malley Lauren Leavitt
Linda Guzman, St Gregory Nazianzen School Elizabeth Lutsky, Educational Therapist Mary O’Malley – Educational Therapist Lauren Leavitt, Educational Resources Consultants.
Dr. Dana Chidekel Caitlin Welsh WOSEP
Pediatric Neuropsychologist, Dr. Dana Chidekel Sandra DuPont Licensed family/teen counselor Caitlin Welsh – Board Certified Educational Therapist WOSEP
Surfrider Foundation Yellen & Associates Kimberly Green
Imagery For Kids Surfrider Foundation, West Los Angeles/Malibu Chapter Yellen & Associates Education Therapy in southern California, Kimberly Green
Shelley Halpern Curreri College Ruthanne Iliff
Shelley Halpern, C.Ht. Certified Hypnotherapist Curreri College Ruthanne Iliff, LMFT Psychotherapy & Neurofeedback The S.T.E.P. Group
Debbie Liebert Child Success Center Westside Neighborhood School
Debbie Liebert, founder of DCL College Counseling Service Child Success Center Westside Neighborhood School Paula Barksdale &Associates, College Advisory Services
Pattie One of our best colleagues in the field is Pattie Earlix, educational therapist. Pattie workswith the individual learner, teachers, schools, other professionals and parents to provide strategies that help each learner make the most informed and thoughtful choices based on the academic, social and family needs. The needs may be in written language, reading, math or organizational-executive functioning skills. One aspect of her practice she really enjoys is helping families to find the “right fit” when considering making a change in their child’s school setting. Over the years, she has seen what a difference a good fit with the student’s learning profile and the school’s teaching style can make in a student’s life and the choices they make in the future! Pattie’s years of experience as a parent, public and private school teacher, school administrator, coordinator of school programs, learning specialist for both gifted and special needsprograms, and educational consultant for helping families find the correct fit for school placement has provided a wealth of opportunity for doing what she loves best- working with students and their families to make a difference in the quality their lives! To learn more, contact Pattie at or call her at 310-488-7888.