Nicole Chernov

Meet Nicole Chernov

Born into two Ukrainian families but the first to be born on American soil, our new recruit Nicole Chernov is the first woman in her family to receive a STEM degree. Having earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Cal State LA, Nicole knows just how important new insight and a different perspective can be for any problem solving situation.

With problems come challenges, and Nicole is no newcomer to the mental and emotional challenges that come with achieving your goals (like finishing school!). She spent two years during her undergrad career giving back to underprivileged communities as an after-school tutor. Nicole understands that everyone learns differently and will forever remain intrigued by the thought processes of all the different individuals around her, bringing endless positivity and a “never say no” attitude to her work. She loves to watch students as they come to realize just what they’re capable of.

Nicole enjoys researching alternative energy solutions and is an Applications Engineer for a Micro-Grid startup. In her spare time you can catch Nicole spending time with her dog, helping tend and harvest from her family garden, or at the beach collecting seashells and capturing sand crabs- for science, of course.

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