Krista Kaczorowski

Meet Krista Kaczorowski

Any time we bring a new coach onto our team, we’re always excited to introduce him or her to our community. This month we welcome Krista Kaczorowski, a new face on the Academic Success coaching roster.

Krista comes from a big family and one of her early joys was to help her younger sibling with his school work. She received a BA in Communication from UC Santa Barbara and is currently pursuing her Master’s in Elementary Education at Loyola Marymount University. Krista loves to help people and sees it as a privilege to be able to lend a hand when a student needs a little assistance.

Through her own continued education she is expanding her range as an educator and learning new ways to motivate students and help them become the best they can be. In her spare time, Krista loves to be with her family; she is crazy about her adorable nephew who makes her laugh every day. She also loves the beach and tries to get there anytime she has a moment to spare.

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