Enjoy The Benefits Of “The Protégé Effect”


Enjoy The Benefits Of "The Protégé Effect"

Enjoy The Benefits Of “The Protégé Effect”

Beyond loving, kind action that changes the world, students also have the opportunity to help other kids to raise their academic success level and in doing so, take their own work to another plateau as well.

Research in recent years uncovered a positive phenomenon that occurs when one student helps another with their study work- and they dubbed it The Protégé Effect.

What scientists found was a dynamic that will be familiar to teachers: In needing to help others to understand a subject, teachers were forced to review material in order to understand it better and be able to effectively apply it. The same applies for a student when he/she helps a peer- and in addition to strengthening their own knowledge of a subject, The Protégé bestows another benefit: it also helps the ‘teacher’ better understand and refine their entire study process. The helper now has the opportunity to consciously look at why they use the study strategies they do and can often spur new ideas for even better ways of working.

As with all generous action to help others, The Protégé represents a win-win: making others better while improving ourselves.


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