Becoming A Part of the Whole

One of the most common factors found in male students’ recent struggles to keep up with the girls is a reluctance to fully take part in the learning process. Whether by nature or nurture (or a combination of the two), it is girls’ willingness to connect, work with and support […]

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Studying in the Cloud

What Is The Cloud? The easiest way to understand the Cloud is to think of it like electricity: when you plug (connect) your computer, iPad or smartphone into the grid (internet), whatever you’ve stored online – in the “Cloud” – will be available to you any time and any place […]

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Improve Your Reading Comprehension

No matter how fantastic your teachers may be, it may all come to nothing if you struggle to retain information you’re taking in, both in the classroom and when studying the material those teachers have assigned. While some students may be more naturally gifted in Reading Comprehension than others, it […]

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Creating A Summer Work Calendar

In this age of smartphones, tablets and laptops, it’s easy to forget the benefits that come with putting things down on paper, especially when it comes to our goals and assignments. One way to ensure that some attention will be given to study over the summer is to create a […]

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Creating a Vision Board

For all of us who dream of achieving great things, there is always the gap that must be bridged between the dreams in our imagination and taking the steps to realize them in physical form. One dynamic first step in this process can be the creation of a Vision Board. Gold […]

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