Where you Sit In Class Can Make a Big Difference!

Little things can make a big difference. Sitting in the front row, close to the teacher, can have a significant impact on a student’s grade. By sitting closer to the front, students can make eye-contact with the teacher, hear the lesson more clearly, keep their attention focused, get a better […]

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Communicate with your teacher outside of class!

If you are struggling in a class, let your teachers know that you are working on getting back on track. Keep them updated with your small accomplishments along the way and they will be impressed with your efforts. Share your goals with your teacher like, “I am committed to raising […]

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Use your daily planner to avoid being overwhelmed by work!

It only takes one or two missing assignments to feel overwhelmed, as if you are in a hole you can’t dig out of. A simple solution – start with the daily planner. If there is one thing that separates students who are calmly managing their load and those who are […]

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Discovering Your Inner Grit

While simply putting more hours into study and improving study strategies will improve overall academic performance, helping a student realize for themselves that their attitude and character may also need work can be hugely beneficial for the rest of their lives. A fun yet rigorous way to pave the way […]

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Breaking Time Into Bite-Sized Pieces

While it may be an admirable goal to spend an entire evening at one’s desk tackling multiple study assignments, many students often find it difficult or even impossible to go the distance. A four-hour block of time can seem daunting, like a mountain that’s impossible to climb. The best way […]

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