When Studying for Finals, Work Backwards!

Finals can often mean stress, frustration, and more than a few tears. The key to handling this time of year successfully is having a reliable game-plan. For example, when studying for big tests, the first thing to do is create your own calendar with each exam date. Work backwards from […]

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Start the New Year With a New Filing System

Is your backpack feeling heavy? Is each binder bursting at the seams with notes and handouts? The beginning of a new year is a great time to create or re-establish your at-home filing system. Most of your notes and handouts will not be needed again, or only at finals time. […]

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Review and Organize Your Class Notes Every Night

Whether taken on paper or on a laptop, most students take class notes in a shorthand style that is far from the Queen’s English. While that short hand makes sense in the day or two after the class, a month or two later when the notes are needed to study […]

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Pick the Right Lab and Study Partner!

When it comes time to pick a lab or study partner, the temptation is to pick a friend. Sure, it would be fun to spend a class period talking about the upcoming Green Day album or the new Star Trek movie. Nevertheless, picking the right partner pays big dividends when […]

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Clean out the Backpack Once a Week

For many students, the school backpack can become a combination of luggage, file cabinet, and trash receptacle. Our suggestion is that on Sunday night, students completely empty their backpacks and go through each binder. Dump the trash, pull out the papers you need to keep on file at home for […]

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