When Preparing for Finals

If you are a math whiz, studying for your trig final can be very comforting. Going over material that comes naturally to you builds confidence and helps lessen final-time stress. Before you realize, your evening of study is over and you have avoided (again) US History and Latin preparation. Don’t […]

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Start Making Your Plan for Studying for Finals NOW

With spring break behind us, the big upcoming challenge is final exams. Whether it takes the form of an AP test, a SAT II test or those dreaded end-of-term tests that force you to review material you have not looked at in months, final exams are stressful trials. The key to […]

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Go Over Your Goals With Your Teacher

One more semester of school left, and the time has come to check in with each teacher (and not just the ones you like!) The best way to begin the process of raising grades is to make appointments with your teachers in their office. Find out where you stand, and […]

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