Creating An Effective After-School Routine

Whether your kids are involved in stimulating, productive after-school programs or are coming home right after school, the routine they establish once they’re through the door has a major impact on the quality of their study time and their state of mind. This is why creating an after- school routine […]

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Improving Soft Skills For Higher Achievement

As they move along in their academic careers, our kids receive enormous amounts of information about how to become great studiers in order to achieve high grades. Yet, as is discussed in this month’s issue, cultivating excellent “soft skills” may have the power to not only make studying easier, but […]

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Be Grateful for Small Advances

Have you heard of Andrew Wiles? If mathematics is your primary area of study, then you may know this remarkable mathematician’s story. Mr. Wiles is famous for solving one of the greatest mathematical mysteries in history, Fermat’s Last Theorem. But it wasn’t easy. It took Mr. Wiles seven years to […]

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The 5-Point Plan for Study Goals

Whether your purpose is to create a dynamic service project or achieve the highest possible grade in a given subject, effective planning can make all the difference to the outcome. It’s easy for students to become overwhelmed by the amount of work on their plate- which is all the more […]

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Becoming A Study Story-teller

As workloads increase and pressure builds, it can be progressively harder to assimilate and retain all the necessary information we need to achieve academic success. Just as music can often be a wonderful conduit to taking in information, creating a fun, memorable narrative around particular study topics can be a […]

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