Cassandra Chase

Meet Cassandra Chase

Cassandra Chase was born in nearby San Diego. Cassie attended California State University, graduating with honors and a BA in Visual and Performing Arts. Having enjoyed various artistic mediums since childhood, from musical instruments to theatre, Cassie then decided to relocate to Los Angeles to further pursue acting and comedy. Cassie also worked in banking during and after college and although she has since discovered a much more personally rewarding vocation in tutoring, she loves to translate the organizational and executive functioning skills she learnt during that time to her students.

Cassie loves to help her students achieve a healthy balance between school and family life. She also utilizes her vast knowledge of communication skills learnt in acting school to make her coaching even more effective, fostering a sense of individual connection with each student in order to facilitate growth and instill effective study habits. In her spare time, Cassie loves attending comedy shows, traveling, and exploring Los Angeles. She is positively thrilled to be a member of the Academic Success team.

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