Alex Montoux

Meet Alex Montoux

Alex originates from the Bay Area, in the heart of San Francisco. He moved early in life a little further south to Mountain View, where he attended Saint Francis High School. Alex is now studying mechanical engineering at UCLA.

After taking a little time to adjust to his new surroundings, he is now relishing the highly competitive atmosphere.

Alex’s tutoring journey began as a sophomore in high school, where it was a service requirement. However, more and more students began to knock at his door and by the time he entered college, he was in high demand. Alex loves watching the kids grow, both academically and personally as they navigate their way through middle and high school.

When not tutoring and studying himself, Alex is a passionate skier, which he has done since the time he could walk. He is a member of the UCLA ski team and skis at Mammoth every winter. This year he was made racing captain. Alex is delighted to have joined Academic Success.

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