Our coaches work in all subjects from kindergarten to senior year in high school, AP and honors classes.


academic Coaching

At Academic Success, our most important job is to place the best coach with each of our students.

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Beyond the basic Elementary and Middle School curricula.

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Home schooling is quickly becoming a popular alternative for parents

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Standardized tests are an especially challenging part of academic life

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About Us

Academic Success is dedicated to providing outstanding in-home coaches to support every type of student while empowering parents with customized feedback after each session.

Many of our students are high achievers who need extra support for their most rigorous classes. Others struggle with school and need instruction across a variety of subjects. From kindergarten to advanced calculus, we have the right academic coach for the job.

Jamie Altshule

Meet Our Owner

Jamie Altshule, Educational Consultant and Founder of Academic Success Inc. Jamie is a native of Los Angeles, where she taught high school and middle school English. Private academic coaching, home-school teaching and curriculun advisor are roles that Jamie adds to her list of experience.

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Meet Our Coaches

Meet Our Coaches

Selecting an Academic Success coach is the most critical component of the service we offer. We look for two essential qualities: a mastery of the academic subject matter coupled with a personality that is relatable, energetic and compassionate.

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    At Academic Success, our most important job is to place the best coach with each of our clients.

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    In these newsletters, you will find valuable study tips, our recommendations for books and movies for students,

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    Making inferences – a lesson and practice – interactive

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    Students are needing to draw on increasing levels of energy to keep up-

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